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Doodlebone Mac-in-a- Pack

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The Mac-in-a-Pack is a really clever hooded water repellent mac for dogs.

When it rains all you do is pop it out of its little zip-up bag and slide it onto your dog. When the rain stops, off it comes. Just fold it back into the bag and it's small enough to slip into a pocket.

This Doodlebone Dog Coat is light, yet it keeps your pet dry in a downpour.  We think it's a little bit of design genius, a brilliant idea, and so do our customers. It comes with reflective piping stitched in for great visibility, and while it's extremely lightweight it's also wonderfully warm. It's fully machine washable, so stays looking good for life even if your dog enjoys spending most of their walkies rolling in mud. And it comes with Doodlebone's popular lifetime guarantee, proof of the quality we insist on.


  Breast Girth Length
X-Small 37-54cm 28cm
Small 41-60cm 37cm
Medium Short 60-79cm 46cm
Medium 60-79cm 55cm
Large 73-92cm 61cm
X-Large 92-111cm 70cm


As a rule bigger dogs are less bothered by getting wet than small ones. Most of the breeds that dislike the rain most are toy dogs, little creatures with short legs. Pugs are not keen on the water, maybe because it makes it even harder for them to breathe. The Shih Tzu's beautiful thick coat takes ages to dry after a soaking, and they're not at their jolliest in the rain. Big dogs can suffer too. The deep-chested body of the American Boxer means they find it particularly hard to swim, and they're actually usually happiest away from water. Like people, most dogs like to stay dry unless water means warm weather playtime. Kit yours out with one of these splendid water repellent jackets for fabulous wet weather walkies!