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Beco Dog Treats Dog Choc with Carob, Chamomile & Quinoa

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A soothing blend of carob, chamomile and quinoa to help with your dog’s daily siesta, like easing into a mug of warm cocoa.

Carob is a healthy chocolate alternative for dogs, making each soft-baked biscuit all the more tempting. Finally, something chocolatey-approved for your four-legged friend. We’ve added chamomile for its calming qualities and quinoa for its antioxidants and protein. Pocket-sized and compostable packaging approved, ready to grab-and-go.

Key Points

• Tail-waggingly tasty

• Aids sleep and relaxation

• Soft-baked• Naturally healthy

• Full of fibre• Plant-based protein• Low calorie • Pocket Sized

• Suitable for dogs from 8 weeks and above