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Boomerang Dog Harness

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The Doodlebone Boomerang dog harness is the easiest of all to fit, a super-quick and easy dog harness designed for dogs who hate things being pulled over their heads. All your dog does is step into the harness and you can pull it gently on, without upsetting them. Ideal as a first harness.

This design is safe, secure and comfortable for dogs, designed using a rugged yet soft padded airmesh fabric. The webbing is stitched down the middle for extra strength and security. The buckles are good and strong, and the D-rings are really tough. It's fully machine washable for years of colourful good looks, and every one comes with a fuss-free lifetime guarantee.

Just attach your dog's lead to both D-rings and you're off. With its comfy padded airmesh fabric and reflective stitching, this harness is particularly easy, comfortable and safe. If your pet has a pulling habit, straining on the lead and risking neck injuries, this harness helps stop them pulling on walkies, and also prevents excess pressure on the dog’s neck. Choose from four sizes to fit any dog, everything from teeny, weeny XS dogs like Chugs, Chihuahuas and French Bulldogs to XL whoppers like Anatolian Shepherd dogs, Newfoundlands and Leonbergers. Or even one the world's tallest dog, the Great Dane. The tallest Great Dane measured an awesome 44 inches tall, but the XL would fit him just fine! There's one more good thing to know... when your dog actually sits on your feet it doesn't mean they don't want to go walkies. It just means they're telling the world that you're theirs, you belong to them. Sweet!